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Clinicians should please fax referrals to 778.695.2898; with patient’s history, medication list, allergies, previous pain treatment, previous surgery, smoking/alcohol history, substance use history, etc.

For patients with head, spine, joint or limb pain; please send recent appropriate radiology reports.

Referring clinicians should provide appropriate information from our website to their patients.

  • Patient must call the clinic to confirm an appointment one week before the date.
  • Cancellation of appointment requires 72 hours notice, to avoid charges/fees.
  • All referrals must include a completed Referral Checklist Form.

Clinicians Contact Us:

Thanks for your professional cooperation.

Dr. Olu Bamgbade

Our Doctor

Dr. Olu Bamgbade has more than 25 years of anesthesia & pain management experience from the United Kingdom, USA & Canada. He has academic experience & is a clinical assistant professor of anesthesiology & pharmacology.

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Dr Olu Bamgbade


Diploma Pain Med, MSc

Salem Anaesthesia Pain Clinic

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