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What We Do


Consultation & multimodal management of acute, sub-acute & chronic pain conditions.


Interventional injection treatment of acute, sub-acute & chronic pain conditions.


Multidisciplinary & multimodal pain therapy, with reduction of opioid & benzodiazepine therapy.


Management of analgesia use disorder, using effective non-opioid & interventional modalities.

Dr Olu Bamgbade


Diploma Pain Med, MSc

Salem Anaesthesia Pain Clinic

Address 100- 6638 152A Street, Surrey, BC, V3S 7J1, Canada
Phone 778 628 6600, 778 695 2888
Fax 778 695 2898

Clinic Hours

Mon-Thu 9am-5pm
Fri–Sun Closed

Pain Management Service

Salem Pain Clinic provides ultrasound-guided interventional pain management injections, including:

  • Spine facet joint & spinal nerve root block.
  • Sacroiliac joint injection.
  • Epidural & caudal block.
  • Paravertebral & erector spinae block.
  • Intercostal & chest wall block.
  • Abdominal wall nerve block.
  • Limb joint injections & Baker’s cyst injection.
  • Bursitis, tendonitis & fasciitis injection.
  • Major nerve plexus block for regional pain syndrome.
  • IVRA, ganglion & sympathetic block for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).
  • Chronic facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia & ear pain intervention.
  • Peripheral neuralgia & peripheral neuropathy intervention.
  • Nerve entrapment treatment & injection.
  • Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain & trigger point injection.
  • Headache, migraine, cervicalgia, cervical dystonia & TMJ injection.
  • Stellate ganglion block for menopausal hot flush & hyperhidrosis.
  • Treatment of analgesia use disorder, using effective non-opioid methods.
  • Treatment of primary insomnia, secondary insomnia & other sleep disorders.
  • IV lidocaine infusion for fibromyalgia & generalized or complex pain.
  • IV ketamine infusion for depression, mood disorder & complex pain.
  • Preoperative or pre-anesthesia assessment and optimization.

Please fax referrals to 7786952898; with the patient’s history, medication list, allergy, past pain therapy, past surgery, smoking/alcohol history, substance use history, etc.

For patients with head, spine, joint or limb pain; please send recent appropriate radiology reports.

Thanks for your collaboration and cooperation.

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Dr. Olu Bamgbade

Our Doctor

Dr. Olu Bamgbade has more than 25 years of anesthesia & pain management experience from the United Kingdom, USA & Canada. He has academic experience & is a clinical assistant professor of anesthesiology & pharmacology.

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Salem Anaesthesia Pain Clinic

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